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Two years later (2019) it's all about cloud systems for me, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, custom ETL... I've picked up a little bit of Swift along the way.

And another couple of years passed; I'm currently working at Ambit Energy in downtown Dallas and loving WCF and life! I haven't given up on my JS work, but it has turned more into harnessing the power of Bootstrap and jQuery in Cordova apps... I also got into wrapping OpenGL with the JNI on Android devices--3D games coming soon!

It's been a couple of years but I'm back! 30+ developing custom code--currently under the wing of Code Authority in Frisco, TX. WPF/Silverlight is my new thing, so I'm working on a refactor of Xceed's WPF Toolkit AvalonDock 2.0 docking framework--stay tuned for the article!

I haven't given up on building my graph engine, based on the refactoring of:

  • MIT's Eric Rowell's KineticJS JavaScript Framework, a wrapper for the HTML5 2D canvas object that allows you to create drawings, effects and animation using literal object notation.
  • SciencePo médialab's Gregor Aisch's I want Hue Palette Generator Library that provides CIE L*a*b*, HS[L|B|V|I] and RGB palettes for scientific visualization and very useful color model conversion functions.

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Masked Password in Batch Done Right

There is not much you can do about hiding confidential information (namely passwords) in batch files from a determined hacker, but you can hide keyboard input from the console -and from prying eyes over your shoulder or on a remote terminal you have logged into to run your batch script.

Checkout this solution for more.

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Batch Logging Done Right

I have come across too many batch scripts that write to log files with little response to the user, if any at all. Here is a little snippet that attempts at doing it right, and with little overhead for programmers.

It is fairly commented, so hopefully it is self-explanatory.

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