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The good stuff  comes from good design and feedback. The legendary stuff exudes from keen minds from all walks collaborating throughout the systems' lifetime.

Experience Matters

Sometimes I dive into the depths of discerning the sequence of patterns constantly swaying decisions until momentum distills a rationale with inevitable outcome, to unravel the structures and synthesize them, so that sometimes—sometimes—I can sway away from the rationale, risk a Heisenberg in which the decision is both good and bad or is and is not but yields this boilerplate.


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Personal & Resourceful

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data-driven, event-driven, object-oriented, service-oriented, modular, functional, MVC, RESTful

Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Unix, Windows, Azure, cross-platform

.net 5.0, Angular, Bootstrap, Cordova, Eclipse, jQuery, React, SSMS, Visual Studio, VS code

Azure DevOps, git, Slack, Trello, Azure portal, Azure data factory

C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, SQL, TypeScript, Visual Basic

back-end, big data, computer science, distributed systems, front-end, hardware, relational databases, release management, software development, systems, web APIs

—Hector J. Rivas