Tax Law Attorney Services

Problems do not disappear or simply resolve themselves. And, with financial matters and taxes the IRS and government agencies are unrelenting when it comes to pursuing resolutions. With Hector [.j.] Rivas in your corner, you'll have the right representation to bring a viable solution and resolution to the problem.
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Tax Audits, Disputes & Litigation

Whether you've been unfairly assed or are facing a full audit, make sure you have legal assistance. IRS agents are trained to ferret out discrepancies and dig deep into your past; our attorneys know how to defend your position and respond to adverse claims.
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Honest & Effective Solutions for Tax Issues

Tax Law & Tax Numbers
We Know Both

Tax Liens, Collections, Bank Levies

Not paying taxes will eventually result in retaliation from the IRS. Whether it is from not filing or not paying penalties, the IRS will use swift measures to collect what is deemed owed. Fortunately, our firm is well suited to help find options to address the matter.
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Payroll Tax Issues

It is the legal obligation of an employer to withhold payroll taxes and hold them in trust for later payment to the IRS. If an employer fails to do so, knowingly or unknowingly, it becomes an issue that more often than not requires legal assistance.
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